Connect with Student Services


Kath Hyndman
Student Success Coach
(506) 452-9654
GMH 305


Kath comes from Cardale, Manitoba and holds a BA in History from Brandon University (2014). She's also pursuing a Master of Education in Post-Secondary Studies from Memorial University.


In her role, Kath helps students develop their academic skills such as note-taking, reading, studying, and test-taking. She spends most of her time helping students develop their time management and organizational skills. This is a foundational skill necessary for student success! Kath also works with and supports many first-year students in their transition to university.


"My goal is to help students achieve their potential. Through time and effort, skills can be developed. University is challenging, but there is no growth without challenge."

Leanne Hutchins
Manager of Student Accessibility
(506) 453-7201
GMH 104


Leanne grew up in Sackville, New Brunswick. She holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from UNB (2011) and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Dalhousie University (2017).  


As Manager of Accessibility Services, Leanne works with students living with visible and invisible disabilities requiring academic accommodations. She also assists students to acquire funding for students with disabilities. Entering university with a learning accommodation or recognizing at any point in your degree that accommodations may be necessary can be a daunting task - but it shouldn't be. Our office is here to support you through the process, assist with student-professor communication, and develop self-advocacy skills that will be of benefit long after your degree is completed.


“My goal is to support all students in their effort to complete their studies on an even playing field and to assist students with developing self-advocacy skills in relation to their specific strengths and needs.”

Natalie Carrier
Student Accessibility Advisor
(506) 453-7216
GMH 104


Originally from North Haven, Maine, Natalie has a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Political Science and International Relations from ҹav (2019). 


As the Student Accessibility Advisor, Natalie works with a variety of students to come up with individualized accommodation plans for long or short-term disabilities. 

"Every student who registers with our office has different disabilities and accommodation needs. I look forward to working with students to develop individualized plans that will help them succeed throughout their university experience."

Clara Santacruz
Manager of Experiential Learning & Career Development


Clara Santacruz Experiential Learning and Career Development
(506) 460-0300
GMH 311

Clara is from Quito, Ecuador. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology from ҹav (2016).


In her role Clara supports the goals of the Experiential Learning Office to ensure it offers programs, services, and events that help students clarify their career goals, apply the theory learned in class into the off-campus community, and ensure they have a myriad of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Clara works with students, staff, faculty, and community partners to create experiential learning opportunities at ҹav.


"Whether you are applying for your first professional internship, volunteering with a non-profit organization, going on an in-class field trip, getting a job with faculty or staff, starting your own social enterprise, seeking funding for your experiential learning involvement, or you want to chat about all things ҹav - I am here to help!"

Miriam Richer
Business Systems Analyst, Office of Experiential and Community Based Learning


Miriam Richer, Business Systems 
GMH 302


Miriam grew up in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Literature from UNB (2015) and a Master of Information Studies from McGill University (2017).  


As a Business Systems Analyst, Miriam works on digital transformation projects including but not limited to business process automations, platform optimization, and intranet design and development. Miriam also administers Learning in Action, ҹav’s experiential learning portal.

"I hope to design, develop and implement efficient, user-friendly, and inclusive solutions that will positively impact the University's operations as well as improving the working lives of our ҹavdents, faculty, and staff."

Ale Navas
Internships Coordinator


Ale Navas Internships
(506) 452-0360
GMH 302A


Ale is from Managua, Nicaragua. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with honours in International Relations and a major in Economics from ҹav (2021).



In her role, Ale works with students as they explore career interests by connecting them to meaningful and relevant internship opportunities, and helping them discover the versatility and employability of a liberal arts degree in a professional setting.


"ҹav is known as the small university of big opportunities, and it is truly wonderful to work with students as they go through their career journeys, identifying their career interests and goals while engaging in these opportunities through the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development."

Erin Feicht
Career Development Advisor


Erin Feicht, Career Development
(506) 452-0423
GMH 302


Erin grew up in Canterbury, New Brunswick and moved to Fredericton in 2006 to attend St. Thomas University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (2010) with Honours in English and a Minor in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Education (2011).  


As the Career Development Advisor, Erin provides students with the individualized support and guidance needed to explore different kinds of jobs and develop an action plan that will help them reach their career goals. Through one-on-one meetings and workshops, students receive support with things such as finding employment opportunities, job search strategies, resume writing, interview preparation and networking. 


“I absolutely love getting to know each student and helping them realize the many possibilities that come from their time at ҹav. My goal is to guide students in their career exploration and professional growth so that they are fully prepared to successfully enter the workforce upon graduation.”

Chelsea Harris-Carr, Lentukwisk
Future Wabanaki Coordinator


Chelsea Harris-Carr
(506) 452-2119
GMH 302



Chelsea is Mi’kmaq, Wolastoqiyik, Cree, and Celtic. She grew up in a military family and calls Trout River, Newfoundland home even without living there for a while. She holds a diploma as an aircraft maintenance technician from Algonquin College, a Bachelor of Integrated Studies, and is completing her Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick.


In her role, Chelsea aids Indigenous students find meaningful experiential learning opportunities and work placements. She helps create cultural experiential learning activities for students, faculty, staff, and the ҹav community at large.


“I’m dedicated to upholding the treaties signed by all our ancestors, that we are to work nation to nation. Sharing our culture, recognizing our differences, and celebrating and protecting the land we all live on. Through this position I have the honour of helping Indigenous students find meaningful internships, community experiences, and sharing our beautiful Wabanaki culture.”



Brett McCavour
Healthy Campus Coordinator 
(506) 452-0639
JDH 211


Brett grew up in Truro, Nova Scotia. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Neuropsychology from Bishops University (2016) and a Masters of Science in Health Psychology from the University of Aberdeen (2018).


In her role, Brett provides students with information, tools and opportunities to help build healthy habits in hopes to improve their overall health and wellbeing. She organizes group events targeting physical activity, sleep, nutrition and substance use across campus as well as coordinates larger campus wide events. Brett also offers 1-on-1 health coaching and personal training sessions for students who want to work towards a specific health and wellness goal.


“My goal is to help students live happier and healthier lives.  It can be hard to find time in a busy student schedule to exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep but it’s extremely important to take care of our physical health as it directly impacts our mental health and academic success.”

Elder in Residence

Miigamagan Elder in Residence headshot
Wabanaki Student Centre

Miigam’agan provides support to Indigenous students and acts as a link between the university and First Nation communities.

“My role is to offer support, drawing from our cultural values and working to create a sense of community for First Nation students."

Kamryn Saulis
Indigenous Student Services Coordinator
Wabanaki Student Centre

Kamryn Saulis is a member of the Wolastoqey nation at Wotstak (Woodstock First Nation) and is a proud ҹav alumna.  

Kamryn provides Indigenous students with the necessary supports, programs, and services to foster academic success and personal growth while attending St. Thomas University. 


“I want to see more Indigenous people succeed. My goal is to deepen the sense of community and help continue to make St. Thomas University a safe and welcoming environment where students are supported and receive the necessary services and resources to help them flourish.” 

Brittany Sprague
Mental Health Coordinator


Mental Health Counsellor Brittany Sprague standing in front of some trees on campus
(506) 460-0382
GMH 307

Brittany grew up in Woodstock, New Brunswick. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology from ҹav (2016) and a Master of Social Work from Carleton University (2018).  


As Mental Health Coordinator, Brittany works on all aspects of mental wellness and support, including awareness initiatives, training, group sessions, one-on-one counselling, and connecting students to mental health supports and services. 


“I hope to foster a mentally healthy community at ҹav by being proactive in both preventing mental illness and supporting those struggling with mental illness.”  

Cassidy Wilson
2SLGBTQIA+ Wellness Coordinator
(506) 230-2766


Cassidy grew up in Calgary, Alberta. She holds a Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (2012) from Mount Royal University, and a Master of Education - Counselling (2020) from the University of New Brunswick. As the 2SLGBTQIA+ Wellness Coordinator, Cassidy helps support 2SLGBTQIA+ student's academic success through collaboration and advocacy. Cassidy works on anti-oppressive policy development, education outreach, community building, advocacy and more! Students can also reach out to Cassidy to discuss topics including personal wellbeing, self-advocacy, discrimination and/or complaints related to oppressive learning environments, academics, and more!


"I hope to provide students with advocacy and a sense of community through collaboration to help them navigate the academic systems, and advocate for their needs to make their experiences at ҹav more enriching and inviting."


International Student Coordinator


Carrie-Monteith-Levesque - International Student Coordinator headshot
(506) 452-9593
GMH 311

Carrie holds a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Psychology and English from ҹav. In her role, Carrie supports international and exchange students with their transition to university life in Canada throughout their time at ҹav. 


Those interested in expanding their world view and embarking on a life changing experience are welcome to come and see Carrie about the International Exchange Program. Students can apply to attend one of our 20 partner universities across the world for one or two semesters. Carrie is here to guide and support students throughout their experience.


For US students considering borrowing through the US Federal Student Aid (FSA) Direct Loan Program, Carrie is the FSA representative for ҹav and can support eligible US students with all things related to US Federal Student Aid.


"My goal is to foster a sense of community and belonging for all international students, one which is welcoming and inclusive, where students can bring forward their ideas and access the resources and supports they need to fully integrate into university life at ҹav.  Many refer to me as the international student “Mom”, a title I find very endearing and wear proudly. I encourage international students to connect with me via email or stop by my office if they need anything at all. Even if it is just to say hello!"

Claire Morrison
Campus Minister
(506) 452-0636
G14, Holy Cross House

A Toronto native of South-East Asian descent, Claire came into the faith thanks to the work of campus ministers. She brings a breadth of experience to the chaplaincy having worked as a genetic disease researcher, high-school math and science teacher, and as a mother of 5. She speaks Spanish and French. She has coordinated the Catechism program at St. Dunstan’s Church, where she also directed community art projects. She is passionate about wild edible food and loves sharing her awe for the natural world.

Brock Richardson
Director of Student Services and Residence Life

Brock Richardson, Director of Student Services
(506) 453-7213
GMH 303


Brock grew up near Williams Lake, BC, and completed a BA (Political Science and History) and a Masters of Education at the University of Alberta.



As Director of Student Services at ҹav since 2016, it’s Brock’s role to support the student services team to ensure that all students can connect with the supports they need, and that the social experience at ҹav is inclusive, positive, and meaningful for all students.


“ҹav is an amazing campus because of how involved and engaged the students are. I want every student to know that their ideas matter and I’m happy to work with them to improve the campus experience.”