ҹav Graduates at Work

A degree from ҹav is versatile and transferable—and so are the skills you’ll develop through classes, research, experiential learning, and internships. In a world defined by constant social and technological change, employers need graduates who possess communication skills, an ability to problem solve, adapt, and draw on a wide range of knowledge and experience.


Naomi Lopez on campusNaomi Lopez, BA '24
Pension Analyst at TELUS Health

"ҹav helped me prepare for my career thanks to the many opportunities I had. I was able to develop and grow through my experiences and the people I met."


Katherine in grad gownKatherine Gower, BA '24
Marketing Coordinator at Moosehead Breweries Limited

"ҹav has allowed me to grow and gain more experience in public speaking, critical thinking, interpersonal, and intrapersonal skills in an encouraging environment with the support of friends, faculty, and staff.”

Maurice BosseMaurice Bosse smiling in Kinsella, BA '23
Junior Policy Analyst for Public Safety Canada

“ҹav has been a transformative journey that has uniquely prepared me for the future. It has not only equipped me with knowledge and skills, but ҹav has nurtured my personal growth. Thanks to ҹav, I am confident in my ability to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Reinaldo smiling insideReinaldo Cascante, BA '23
Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Ignite Fredericton

“Having helped me develop my skills and reach my goals while providing me with support from a network of peers and professors, ҹav gave me all the tools I needed to land my first full-time job after graduation.”



Ashamgyve Mann headshotAshamgyve Mann, BA '23
Manager at EnrichKids

“My time at ҹav has helped me build meaningful connections in the Fredericton Community. The academia through courses paired with my internships through the Experiential Learning Office helped me gain practical skills to thrive in the real world."


Simon Wassef, BA '21
Strategic Communications, RCMP of New Brunswick
Studied: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Psychology

“ҹav provided me with some of the best times of my life. The professors are exceptional, the people are friendly, and the opportunities are unlike those at other universities. I encourage any student with an interest in liberal arts to explore the options at ҹav—you will develop skills that will make you a stand-out candidate to any employer.”



Emilia Gutierrez, BA '21
Working for the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission
Studied: Human Rights and Sociology

“My time at ҹav helped me develop critical thinking, great communication skills, problem-solving, research skills, and a passion for helping others. My experience not only opened my eyes to new perspectives, but also provided me with the tools to make a difference in our fast-paced world.”



A woman wearing a tan blazer and top standing in front of greeneryIsabelle Leger, BA '19
Reporter with CBC New Brunswick
Studied: Journalism and Communications and Public Policy

"I’ll be forever grateful to the professors who spent hours outside of class time helping me rework assignments and who cared enough to offer honest - and sometimes blunt - critique. My career as a journalist is all thanks to my time at ҹav.” 



A woman with glasses and braided hair wearing a navy patterned dress leans against a railing in front of a cityRobyn Metcalfe, BA '19
Social Worker
Studied: Psychology and Gerontology

"There truly isn’t anything in life I would recommend more than ҹav. From the beautiful campus to the academics and the many fantastic people you will meet along the way; ҹav is the place to be. I found who I was, and I am positive you will find who you are too."



Abbie LeBlanc, BA '19
PhD Candidate at Harvard
Studied: Great Books, Political Science, and Human Rights 

“ҹav wasn’t just incidentally the place where I developed an understanding of what kind of career and life I wanted. The people and community at ҹav made this possible. In all my departments, I got to know my professors individually. I also often knew most of the people in my major, and discussions started in class would continue around campus. After graduation, I completed an MA at McGill before starting my PhD at Harvard. While these bigger institutions have their own virtues, I wouldn’t have felt prepared to navigate them without the sense of self and of community I developed at ҹav.”



Nahomi Lopez, BA ‘18
International Digital Marketing
Studied: Communications and Public Policy

“There are so many things about a liberal arts education that have become key and defining skills of the professional I am today. A strong sense of social responsibility, adaptability, analytical skills, problem-solving, and creativity are skills I’ve been praised for and I have ҹav to thank for them.”

Samantha Squires, BA '18
Senior Associate with PwC's Economic and Policy Practice
Studied: Economics

“ҹav helped me get to where I am today because it set me apart. Because I am from Ontario and chose to return after university, when I was applying to both my master's program and jobs, I was competing with students from well-known universities with 20,000-60,000 students. Among piles of applications and resumes, I was likely the only one from ҹav. Leaning into the differences of attending a small and unique liberal arts institution will help you and being a part of such an exclusive alumni association will make it easier to connect to other alumni in the future.” 



Whitney Beals, BA '18
Studied: Great Books, English, and History

“The education I received at ҹav prepared me for my career not only insofar as it trained me to understand complex texts and helped cultivate my understanding of English, but it allowed me to explore my own values, motives, and hopes. I was encouraged to think critically, to challenge my own and others’ perspectives—but also seek to understand and appreciate the truth within an opinion I may not wholeheartedly agree with.”



Catherine Lansley, BA ‘18
Research Analyst at Global Public Affairs
Studied: Human Rights and Communications and Public Policy

“ҹav provided a safe environment for me to explore my interests and passions and engage with professors and like-minded peers. It gave me the uniquely small university opportunity to get involved in all facets of campus life and build relationships through internships and experiential learning opportunities. ҹav taught me the hard skills I use every day, from considering a wide variety of perspectives to defending an argument to drafting a research report.”

Sam Titus, BA '17
Working in Canada-US Relations for Global Affairs Canada
Studied: History

“After graduation I pursued a master’s degree—a challenge for which I felt fully equipped for thanks to my time at ҹav. I now work at Global Affairs Canada, where I bring up St. Thomas as often and with as many people as I can. Years later, I continue to apply the lessons I learned at ҹav. It truly provided the foundation for all my future successes.” 




Book Sadprasid, BA ‘17
User Interface and User Experience Designer for Vision Race
Studied: Journalism and Communications

“I had so many opportunities at ҹav to work and volunteer. I worked everywhere from the campus newspaper and Students' Union to student services. All of these jobs allowed me to explore my own interests as well as prepare me for the workforce.”

Marissa Scott, BA ‘17
Recreation Therapist and Behavioural Support worker
Studied: Gerontology, Psychology, and Sociology

“Without the education and guidance I received at ҹav, I would not have found a career in a field that suits my passions and abilities like recreation therapy. I use what my professors taught my ever day.”

Oscar Baker, BA ‘16
Indigenous Affairs Reporter at the Cape Breton Post
Studied: Journalism and Communications

“My courses at ҹav taught me the value of great writing. The field is changing rapidly and new digital skills are expected, but the foundation of any journalist should be the ability to tell an accurate story, and writing is at its core.”

A woman wearing a black blazer and white shirt stands with her arms crossed in front of the entrance to an office buildingAbigail Herrington, BA '16
Studied: Philosophy and History

“ҹav is the perfect place to grow into yourself. The community is welcoming and supportive, the academic programs are rigorous, and the professors are laser-focused on the quality of their teaching. I always felt my ability to learn and grow was a priority at ҹav. In a world that is becoming increasingly polarized with people unable to sort out fact from fiction, the critical thinking skills you will develop at ҹav will follow you everywhere as one of your best assets.”



Laura Mcnutt, BA ’14, BSW ‘16
Grief and Bereavement Social Worker
Studied: Economics and Sociology

“ҹav provided a strong foundation in critical thinking and the promotion of social justice. Those important values were carried throughout the Bachelor of Social Work program.”

Benjamin Lord, BA ‘15
Studied: English Language and Literature and Economics

“ҹav gave me the tools necessary to explain complex issues to my clients, other lawyers, and the court. You can learn a lot through practical experience, but ҹav is the best place to learn how to think critically about an issue.”

A man wearing glasses and red scarf stands in front of a colorful paintingRoger Miranda, BA ‘15
Studied: Political Economy and International Relations

“ҹav prepared me for my future by providing me with skills to adapt to any situation. By participating in extracurricular activities, I was able to develop leadership skills that I use every day in my position.”




Kathy Simon, BA ‘13
Speech Language Pathologist
Studied: Psychology and Gerontology

“Going to ҹav helped me build a strong foundation academically. The small class sizes allowed me to build strong connections with professors and classmates. It was the best place for me to pursue my undergraduate degree and it will always have a special place in my heart!”

Hallie Mazurkiewicz, BA ‘12
CEO, Founder of Lunar Wild
Studied: Psychology and English Language and Literature

“I realized I was just as well equipped, if not more so, than my Ivy League peers because I was able to cast a wide net at ҹav and engage with multiple disciplines.”

Julie Mahoney, BA ‘11
Occupational Therapy
Studied: Gerontology

“ҹav helped me develop foundational life skills such as communication, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking. I use these skills regularly in occupational therapy.”

A man wearing a grey short sleeve button down shirt and jeans standing in front of a rainbow muralMike Morrison, BA '04, BEd '05
Running his own media company, SocialWest
Studied: Spanish and English Language and Literature

“You can use your time at ҹav to start building a foundation of what you want your life to look like. Join different clubs, get a minor in something completely different than your major. Meet people for coffee, take your professors up on opportunities. It’s your time to really try things out, to see what fits and what doesn’t. You’ll take what you learn at ҹav with you for the rest of your life. And what a life you’ll have.” 




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