A Rewarding Future

The St. Thomas University experience is about high calibre academics, applying your learning to the real world, and finding a meaningful and rewarding career.

A benefit of studying liberal arts is that you earn a work-ready degree in a way that feels true to you. This ensures that your career will afford you the same personal satisfaction that your studies did.

“I bring up ҹav with as many people as I can. Five years and a cross-country move after graduating, I continue to apply the many lessons I learned at ҹav. It truly provided the foundation for all my future successes.” 

Sam Titus, BA ’17, History and Political Science 
Canada-US Relations at Global Affairs Canada 



Preparing You to Love Your Career as Much as You Love Your Time at ҹav

When you graduate, your resume will be as diverse as your years at ҹav. 

  1. Academic opportunities like research assistant positions, conferences, and scholarly publication.
  2. Community involvement and volunteer days
  3. Internships and relevant work experience
  4. Conferences and leadership development


“ҹav gave me the chance to grow beyond what I could have ever imagined. I was better qualified to apply for opportunities thanks to the educational experience and my participation in the incredible internship program. At ҹav, you will develop a portfolio of skills that will make you a stand-out candidate to any employer.” 

Simon Wassef, BA ’21, Criminology and Criminal Justice  
Strategic Communications, RCMP 



Prepare for a Career, Not Just a Job

Studying multiple academic areas will help you discover diverse fields of work related to your interests and provide you the intellectual capacity to adapt to an ever-changing professional landscape. Liberal arts graduates often credit this versatility as the reason they not only enter but advance in their careers!

What Some Recent Grads are Doing Now:

  • Anti-Racist Project and Policy Development Coordinator
  • Behaviour Analyst
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Crime Prevention Consultant
  • Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Investigative Reporter
  • Lawyer
  • Media Producer
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Political Advisor
  • Recreational Therapist
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Theatre School Director
  • Population Growth and Immigration Specialist

“Without the education and guidance I received at ҹav, I would not have found a career in a field that suits my passions and abilities like recreation therapy. I use what my professors taught my every day.” 

Marissa Scott, BA ’17, Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology 
Recreation Therapist and Behavioural Support worker