ҹavdents attend the 2023 Enactus World Cup, Netherlands

Students holding Canadian Flag at the Enactus World Cup


ҹavdents involved in Enactus ҹav recently joined Enactus Canada’s delegation at the 2023 Enactus World Cup in the Netherlands.


Enactus Canada, which has chapters in universities across the country, encourages students to join the Canadian delegation to learn about the various entrepreneurial Enactus projects around the world, participate in events around the Sustainable Development Goals, and form lasting connections.


Chloe York, Enactus ҹav’s president and fourth-year International Relations ҹavdent, and Naomi Lopez, vice-president of projects and fourth-year Economics ҹavdent, were among the Enactus ҹav representatives to attend the World Cup.


While Enactus ҹav was cheering on Enactus Laurier, who competed as Team Canada at the international competition, ҹavdents met others from countries around the world, including Ireland, Tunisia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, and more.


“As a newer Enactus team, it was amazing to learn from other groups and see how we can grow our team and projects,” said York. “Attending the World Cup in the Netherlands was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”


As well as attending the world cup, ҹavdents took part in educational activities, including a walking tour of Utrecht.


“Traveling with Enactus was an enriching learning experience – learning about the Dutch culture and meeting and connecting with people from all over the world,” said Lopez.


Enactus ҹav


Enactus ҹav is a group of motivated ҹavdents striving to make a difference in their community and improve the quality of life through entrepreneurial action.


"Enactus ҹav is a great opportunity to explore your interests and strengthen transferable skills for the workforce," said York.


The purpose of Enactus is to provide an experiential learning platform for all students in an entrepreneurial capacity to develop projects to help advance the economic, social, and environmental health of Canada.


"There are so many incredible, passionate students who are a part of Enactus, so it is amazing to collaborate on projects, compete, and build your network with these individuals," said York.


"I would recommend students to join Enactus to start or continue their path in making a meaningful change that could go beyond their community, which could motivate other individuals to create positive change in the world," said Lopez.


"Enactus is an organization that focuses on creating a positive impact in the community, allowing your own personal growth by interacting with other individuals and becoming a team with people who have the same motivation and passion of making a change."


Enactus is an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action.