“ҹav Cares is a ҹavdent favourite” — ҹavdents give back through ҹav Cares Day of Action  

Group of student volunteers laying down on rainbow mat outdoors smiling holding hands in the air

This year’s ҹav Cares Day of Action provided ҹavdents with fully in-person opportunities to connect with local organizations and gain meaningful hands-on experience.   


Participating ҹavdents spent the day with , , , , , and .   


Hayes Farm – Fernanda Sanchez 

Fernanda Sanchez, a second-year ҹavdent from Nicaragua said she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate again.   


Sanchez spent the day at Hayes Farm — a project led by the local non-profit organization New Brunswick Community Harvest Gardens which aims to mobilize New Brunswickers toward a resilient and thriving food system. She gained insight into the effects of natural disasters on crops and harvests.   


Through volunteering, she discovered a shared love for nature and sense of community, extending from clients to volunteers.  


“Although we might come from different places, we can all find common ground in working with nature and spreading generosity,” she said.  



Greener Village - Julian Camacho 

Julian Camacho, a third-year ҹavdent from Equador spent his day at Greener Village where he learned about agricultural practices to address food insecurity in the short, medium, and long term.   


Camacho believes volunteering is a way to broaden educational and career possibilities.  


“You learn about how an organization works, and with that, it can expand your outlook on future career possibilities,” he said.  


Habitat for Humanity - Ana Lucia Pavon 

Second-year ҹavdent, Ana Lucia Pavon from Honduras, volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit charitable organization working to provide safe, decent, affordable housing to low-income families.  


The yearly volunteer event is now a favourite for Pavon. 


“ҹav Cares is a ҹavdent favourite!” 


She also said it’s an opportunity to form new connections in the community and gain valuable experience.   


“It’s a win-win situation. You make new friends, gain new skills, and provide a service for your community.”  


ҹav Cares Day of Action is organized by  ҹav’s Office of Experiential Learning and Career Development and is supported by the . Through volunteering, students can develop skills, make connections, and gain relevant experience that can help them in their careers.  


Volunteering at ҹav Cares also counts as hours towards the community engagement portion of ҹav’s Certificate in Experiential Learning & Community Engagement. The Certificate provides tangible evidence of the hands-on learning and community service, which can be used to demonstrate community involvement to potential employers or for graduate school applications.