Jerry-Faye Flatt, BA’20, BEd’23, is Ready to Bring her Music to the Classroom

Jerry-Faye singing and playing guitar

Jerry-Faye Flatt crossed the stage at Summer Convocation receiving her Bachelor of Education and is ready to bring the arts to her classroom in the fall as she teaches K-8 Music and 6-8 Art at Minto Middle-Elementary School. 


Flatt, a musician by trade, had previously studied at ҹav, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in 2020 with a double major in Journalism and Communications and Public Policy with a minor in Fine Arts. 


Flatt had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. Her first job at 14 years-old was teaching guitar at a music school in her hometown Saint John, New Brunswick. 


“I hope to create a safe and positive learning environment in my classroom where students can experiment, make mistakes, and discover their artist within,” said Flatt. 


“I wanted to pursue this degree because it felt like the natural next step in my life. Being a musician is a huge part of my life. It always has been and always will be,” said Flatt. 


As part of her two practicums, a key part of ҹav’s School of Education curriculum, Jerry-Faye combined her passion for music and storytelling with her passion for education by beginning a Grade 3-5 choir and writing music with her classes. 


“ҹav has high expectations, which will ultimately set me up for success in the future.” 


Flatt said that the practicums are a huge advantage of the ҹav program. She spoke of the incredible guidance of professors and the ability to implement what she had learned in the classroom into two different practicums helping her develop as a teacher. 


“Educators can be the people who shape the minds of tomorrow, and ҹav made me feel prepared to take on the teaching profession full-time,” said Flatt. 


Flatt has been involved with music camps for youth, has formed music clubs during her position as an English Language Assistant, has been a part of several bands, and has enjoyed a solo career as a musician. She took home Song of the Year at the 2022 Music New Brunswick Awards with her band Marian and was nominated with Marian for Rising Star Recording of the Year at the 2023 East Coast Music Awards. 


“Being able to bring my love for music and playing in bands into the classroom is something I’m excited about,” said Flatt.   


“I hope my joy and love for music will be passed on to the young people I teach.”