Choosing St. Thomas University.
The Small University of Big Opportunities.

Big opportunities mean access to many opportunities—opportunities to learn, be supported, find community, explore your interests, gain experience, and grow.


At St. Thomas, we offer a personalized education with hands-on learning in a supportive community. This provides a broad base of knowledge, perspective, and experience that lead to a meaningful and rewarding future—one that reflects your passions and ambitions.

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Building your Resume One Experience at a Time

We combine rigorous academics with high value experiences. Hear from students and alumni about the benefits of our internship program and how these opportunities can enhance your learning, build your resume, and help you grow—personally and professionally.

Female student standing in the upper campus of St. Thomas University
"ҹav offers the ideal undergraduate experience: a quality and rigorous educational experience coupled with a tight-knit community atmosphere. It really is an educational environment like no other."

Julia Evans
Studying: Human Rights and Political Science

Making ҹav Home

The small, close-knit campus community at St. Thomas University is built on meaningful connections with peers and professors and a unique student experience that makes a difference for graduates in their careers and lives. In this video, hear from ҹavdents Jazna, Reinaldo, Ty, and Jazmyne on making ҹav home.

Compared to the national average, first-year students RANKED ҹav PROFESSORS HIGHER FOR:

  • Effective communication in teaching

  • Encouraging participation

  • Concern for their interests

CUSC survey of first-year students, 2022

An illustration of a ҹav T-Pin92% of first-year students said they were satisfied/very satisfied with their decision to attend ҹav.

CUSC survey of first-year students, 2022

A drawing of a clipboardCompared to the national average, first-year ҹav students are more likely to say ҹav EXCEEDED THEIR EXPECTATIONS in:

  • Contact with professors outside the classroom

  • Access to support and advising assistance

CUSC survey of first-year students, 2022