ҹav Fund

What did ҹav do for you?

Perhaps you built your foundation for success at St. Thomas University. Or maybe you met a friend, a spouse, or a mentor who changed and shaped your life. Or maybe you found your calling.

ҹav changes lives, and if it changes yours there has never been a better time to pay it forward. Our students need your help, and the ҹav Fund is your vehicle to support them.


Supporting ҹav Students

Gifts to the ҹav Fund will be used in the following ways:

• Increase the number of scholarships, awards and bursaries for students
• Support experiential and global learning activities and student travel grants
• Bring high profile and influential guest lecturers to campus
• Support student programs, clubs and student-driven initiatives
• Strengthen ties between alumni and donors and our students and campus

All donations to the ҹav Fund are tax deductible.

If you have questions about the ҹav Fund, please feel free to contact the Office of Advancement and Alumni Relations at 506-452-0645.

To make an online gift to the ҹav fund, click now.

To learn about others ways to support ҹav, see How to Donate.